Unique and Budget Friendly Party Activities

Posted by on 1/8/2019

Wanting your child to have an amazing birthday party is inherent for all parents. Thankfully, being creative and planning that “one of a kind” magical event is not a momentous task, if a budget is put in place at the outset, and rigidly followed throughout the planning stages.

All parents have different tolerances for party planning, and a deep desire to make this event epic. It requires commitment, and yes, a lot of work, but it will be well worth the effort if you consider the following:

  •  Give your party a start and end time.
  •  Realize that a party full of kids should offer “non-stop” game time.
  •  Plan to have the party between 2-5 p.m. to keep the menu smaller.
  •  Tap into your creative spirit for a Theme which your child will relate to and enjoy, along with their guests.
  •  Create your own themed - invitations online, adding a funny and unusual font (free).
  •  Pick activities which challenge, as well as entertain, all party attendees.
  • Offer a delicious and unique birthday cake – in a theme friendly shape, and vibrant colors, with candles that sparkle, wiggle, or relight, for a touch of the unexpected.


The Theme

Whether your child is a mad scientist, dinosaur devotee, Lego builder, Pokémon participant, budding artist, Lucky Poke game lover, princess, or even a Powerpuff club member who dreams about unicorns; children know what inspires their imagination and peaks their interest.  Get them involved in picking a theme that they find to be fascinating, and fun. 

For example, if the birthday celebrant is devoted to all thing’s science, craft and bake a brain-shaped cake. Plastic, ( bpa free) Test tubes from the local craft shop can hold tiny, colorful, oddly shaped sweet treats, the children will enjoy.  There are numerous, editable, and printable party favors, invitations, signs, and items for your décor online, “free”. 



Bakery or pastry shop cakes are beautiful and very expensive.  A boxed cake mix can taste as if it was pastry shop baked by: using melted butter in place of the oil, and doubling the amount, adding one (or two) more eggs than the recipe calls for, and substituting whole milk, rather than water into your ingredients. For best results, whisk wet ingredients and add them into the dry ingredients. Frosting the cake with homemade buttercream icing, using organic milk, unsalted butter, vanilla, and confectioners' sugar, adds to a scrumptious cake creation, which is budget friendly, but very palate pleasing. Numerous Do It Yourself directions for fantastic, theme shaped, cakes can be found online.


Let the Games Begin

Games are at the heart of every great party. Choosing the right games, which take some concentration, capture everyone’s interests, and offer unexpected surprises, result in time well spent, and fun achieved.


Music Freeze is fun and even more challenging, if the rules include not only, fast dancing and becoming frozen and motionless, immediately, when the music stops, but also, freezing into an interesting pose or position.  The winner gets a prize for their physical skill and creativity.

The Drama Game is a test of each child’s imagination and even acting skills. A short time limit is set. Props, such as kitchen utensils, capes and masks, make up, wigs, costumes, hats, and assorted colorful clothing, are placed in paper bags. Each child picks a bag, decides what to do with their items, and performs a skit. It could be a mini-movie, a commercial, a talk show, anything. As the children perform their skits, parent videos the event.  Everyone watches the screening, and all participants receive a trophy for special content within their dramatic creation.


Minute-to-Win It is an enormous favorite activity for all ages. Each player of this challenging game gets exactly one minute to complete a specific task that is fun and funny. There are many versions on line. A favorite challenge is “Junk in the Trunk”. A sandwich bag is filled with 8 ping pong balls and strapped to the player’s back.  In one minute, they must shake out all of the balls.  Watching the gyrations, and facial expressions of each player is great entertainment too. Many similar challenges are listed on-line.


Lucky Poke Games are the perfect party, hands-on, surprise filled activities.  Players take turns playing Lucky Poke Games by searching for a variety of prizes, by poking a hole in one of the squares. Prizes vary from unique and useful items, crafted in far-away places, to toys, games, and even something strange. There are at least 15 hidden prizes, and an element of the unexpected in every game. And yes, finally, it’s OK for children to poke a hole in something. 


Another interesting element of this delightful game is to take the Lucky Poke challenge. They dare players to poke just one. Once players have received a reward for their effort, it’s difficult to stop because it’s so much fun.


Why Party?

To children, the event of having an annual birthday party is very significant. It co-occurs with the change of becoming a year older, which is a little mysterious. Whether a family stays at home and celebrates with their child, and their friends, eating cake, singing, and playing amazing games, or travels to a destination; it’s the sharing of this special experience, and the fun derived by everyone, that marks the momentous milestones in a child’s life.

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