Lucky Poke Games Announces Line of Prize-Filled Family Games

Posted by on 1/8/2019
Walnut, California, January 7, 2019 – Lucky Poke Games is turning family game night inside out with a brand new line of fun and interactive games that hold secret surprises, revealed by the poke of a finger – something all children are good at! 

Each game box consists of 24 compartments, at least 15 of which contain popular prizes ranging from super bouncing balls and hacky sacks to slime and yo-yos – even useful items like erasers for all those pesky math problems. To play, children take turns finding the hidden treasures by poking holes through a uniquely designed paper cover until all the items are found. You won’t hear parents saying “Don’t poke that” since kids can poke to their heart’s content with this game! 

The prizes in each box are all perfect for young kids ages four and up and are continuously updated with each new batch of games produced. One special prize inside of each game is made by an artisan from a remote village somewhere in the world. 

“This game brings surprises and excitement to young kids and is a great alternative to electronics, while also supporting less fortunate people around the world,” said Kylie of Lucky Poke Games. “It’s a game both kids and parents can feel good about.” 

The game keeps kids engaged and tech-free through:
The mystery of finding their own prize as well as watching what other players get
Trading prizes with each other
The anticipation of playing, which can inspire children to do their chores or homework

The currently available games feature sports, animal and party themes that are decorated with cute, colorful pictures. For example, the animals edition features a brightly color game box with adorable giraffes, cats turtles and more. Future editions will include themes for holidays and other celebrations such as baby and bridal showers.

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About Lucky Poke Games
Lucky Poke Games creates fun, hands-on game for kids. Unique toys, gifts, games and surprises are hidden in every box. Players simply use their finger to poke through the paper and claim their prize! The games contain native handicraft from fair trade organizations around the world, allowing villagers from remote parts of the world the chance to showcase their handicraft and culture. Lucky Poke Games works to bring the world closer together.