Lucky Poke Games - Soccer
Lucky Poke Game Soccer Edition

Lucky Poke Games - Soccer

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For: 1 or more players

Ages: 4 to 12 years old

Skills: For those that can poke a hole with their finger!

Filled with amazing prizes, the Soccer Lucky Poke Game is perfect for soccer-loving boys and girls 4 and older. In this exciting, hands-on game, players take turns poking a hole in a square. If they’re lucky, they’ll score a goal by finding a special prize inside! Everyone's a winner with Lucky Poke Games!

Each Lucky Poke Game contains 24 different hidden prizes. Prizes may include games, toys, cars, bouncy balls, or even a handmade bracelet from Peru or a stone animal figurine from Africa. Every game has a different assortment of prizes inside!

These are just some of the prizes that could be inside!

The Soccer Lucky Poke Game features a cute sporty design, with pictures of soccer players, soccer balls, gloves, cleats, and trophies. Play Lucky Poke Games in a large group at a birthday party, in a small group on a regular afternoon, or alone as part of a chore incentive. Your little one will adore poking holes and discovering special prizes!

Box Size: 11" x 16" x 3"


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