Lucky Poke Games - Cute Animals
Lucky Poke Game Animals Edition

Lucky Poke Games - Cute Animals

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11" x 16" x 3"

For: 1 or more players

Ages: 4 to 12 years old

Skills: For those that can poke a hole with their finger!

Prizes: 24

So adorable… and so much fun! Filled with exciting prizes, the Cute Animal Lucky Poke Game is perfect for animal-loving boys and girls 4 and older. In this fun, hands-on game, players take turns poking a hole in a square. If they’re lucky, they’ll find a special prize inside! Everyone's a winner with Lucky Poke Games!

Each Lucky Poke Game contains 24 assorted prizes hidden inside. Prizes may include games, toys, cars, bouncy balls, or even a stone animal figurine from Africa or a handmade bracelet from Peru. You’ll also find animal-related toys, such as stretchy lizards and plastic dinosaurs. Every game has a different assortment of prizes inside!

These are just some of the prizes that could be inside!

The Cute Animal Lucky Poke Game features a darling animal design, with cartoon cats, turtles, giraffes, cows, toucans, butterflies, and fish. Play in a large group at a birthday party, in a  small group on a regular afternoon, or alone as part of a chore incentive. Your little one will love poking holes and discovering unique prizes!


My grandson absolutely loved it! - Pamela Q.

We loved it! Super Duper FUN! - Christy S.

We are serious about fun. That’s why we stand behind the fun and excitement our games offer. If your child doesn’t enjoy playing our game, we will give your money back. View Details.


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