Ice Block Sliding, Fossil Hunting, & Mega-Family-Game-Nights for Epic Summer Fun

Posted by on 8/30/2019
The sun-drenched days and balmy nights of Summer offer families everywhere time for indulging in the kinds of unique and adventurous entertainment which cannot be accomplished during the other nine months of the year, due to school, work, volunteerism, church functions, and the numerous commitments that accompany an active lifestyle.  Families seek to embrace this sweet, short, engaging season, and make stellar memories in flip flops, bathing suits, sunscreen, tee shirts, sneakers and jeans.

Warm Weather, What?

Of the adventures you plan, and even those that just happen, there are two trending activities that truly celebrate the warmth of the season, and the connectivity that can be found, as a family, with the mysterious relics of summers hundreds of years ago.

Coolness - on Hazy Days

Ice block sliding is literally the “coolest” activity for balmy, steamy, and hazy August days. It is unique enough to be an unexpected, surprise activity that leads to very happy memories.  If the local grocery or party store sells blocks of ice that would accommodate the children, excellent! If not, use a large storage container *that fits in the freezer. Fill it with water, adding rope handles, partially submerged, on each side; and glitter or food coloring for luminosity and stunning visual effects, when mixed with sunlight. In a day and a half, the ice should be solid and ready to become the children’s summer sled for any grassy hill at the park, or wherever there is an inclined plane.  Add a comfy cover and off they go.  Several ice blocks equate to a “racing” team opportunity the children will enjoy even more. 

Discover the “Want-to-Be” Inner Paleontologists Within

There is an exciting, almost child-like mind-set of enthusiasm that accompanies families who are engaged in fossil hunting, and the numerous pre-historic types of fossils are seriously exciting.  If you live near the 95 miles of Jurassic Park, in Dorset, England; your bucket will overflow with unique prehistoric fossils of unimaginable types and age.  In the American West, trilobite fossils can be loosened from shale rocks.  Along the Potomac River’s northern narrow neck, in Virginia, which was once shallow, Dino-shark teeth are easily found. Dinosaur Fossils are usually found in the deserts of North American, in the loose earth near cliffs, and along the shoreline. New Jersey has a plethora of saber-tooth-salmon fossils, vertebrates, and the teeth of goblin and crow sharks, drum fish, mollusks and squid. The very first complete dinosaur fossil was found in New Jersey. Sylvania, Ohio, has an extraordinary fossil park. At U-DIG Fossils in Utah, 40 acres of unique fossils await. 

All the diggers will find at least 10 to 20 fossils in a short period of time. Needed tools include: a toothbrush, bucket, spray bottle if you’re searching in a pit, or river, a sifting pan, hammer, chisel, gloves, safety glasses for splitting shale, and knee pads if you plan to be on your knees for a long time.  Kids take trowels and sifters into the shallow water of the cool stream bed, as soaring temperatures of August, around them, melt into a non-issue, and treasure seeking adventure becomes the strong focus of every shovel full of water and stream bed.

The best part of fossil hunting is: 

the search - anticipatorily  dunking the sieve into rushing water with expectations of treasure. 
becoming fossil hounds who seek dry stream beds which once were teeming with prehistoric reptile life
the discovery disclosed when a nondescript rock reveals a unique skeletal fossil formed from sediments, molten lava, or other forces of  unbridled nature
tired hands holding an actual link to prehistoric times a far back as one million years

A euphoric moment upon discovery of a very first fossil from 50 million years ago, or more, often leads to a lifetime of monumental anticipation and expectation, as Generation Z gets tangible, tactile, physical, irrefutable proof of  giant to miniscule life…from that time, creates a unique  excitement which is palpable, educational, and, yes, infectious in the best possible way.  The family may soon become fossil hounds who search dried lake beds, once teeming with the earliest forms of life, year-round. 

Wonder of wonders, this is a far more momentous event than any “net time” offers.  Whatever your family happens to find, that seems very special and unique, will remain a stunning memory for a lifetime, and it began during one hot summer in the year 2019.

Mega Family Game Nights, Epic Fun

Summer seems to amplify the “joy” in every activity, and families, engaging in board game play, are a perfect example of this amplification.  Not only are board games quality, screen free, real-life,” interactive” family fun", in summer; these game nights take on a whole new definition of entertainment, with the addition of four elements: 

1. Outdoor warm, dry weather 
2. Long hours of Daylight
3. Fresh air and green space
4. Epic giant size games

Share Social Experiences, Mega Size Games, Reinventing PLAY

Board games get everyone’s brain stimulated, and when played in large environs, and with “life-size” boards and pieces, either crafted by players, following the easy, free, PDF files found online; or purchased, the fun truly begins.  A plethora of challenging new, or classic, games are available.  Giant chess and checker boards may easily be crafted from cardboard scraps and boxes; or life-size Scrabble, with huge letters, and playing boards, a Connect Four holder, (tall enough to stand up and play), Jenga that can be color blocked for heightened visuals, and stacked higher than any indoor attempt can achieve. All of these games are fantastic fun. Making a giant Lego escape room, is a huge trend, and extremely challenging entertainment, when played in the “dark”.   What’s in the Box, played using a huge box with tiny arm holes scribed, and cut out on the sides, with wet, slimy, slippery objects placed within, offers a touch of scary trepidation which everyone enjoys.  Tetris and Castlemaze stir the senses, and offer brain teasing, multi-tasking fun. Building a summer igloo from pastel-colored plastic inner tubes and making up water games to put this beauty to the test, is a project for the youngest family members.  Playing find the Slime, Cops and Robbers, and the Lucky Poke Games, lets the family test each member to see who can use their sleuthing skills, find the most unique surprises, and with just “one” poke from each, receive unique and entertaining treasures.
Frugal Fun and Nature

Inexpensive materials, classic games, brand new unboxing games, plus imagination, and teamwork lead to stellar family gaming (night or daytime), well spent in the pursuit of summertime interactive play.  The outdoor aspect, although optional, creates in children an appreciation of natural, healthy environs, fresh air and the unconfined freedom of large space movement, making this the first of many more epic, and monumentally entertaining, family times to come.