From Around the World

Posted by on 8/13/2018

Handcraft from Peru

 Authentic Peruvian llama fiber wrist bands are made by the villagers of Cancha Cancha.  We work with Llama Pack Project in Peru to obtain these amazing handcrafted wrist bands.

They help high Andean communities by providing skill-building workshops, promoting inter-community networking and providing Llama Trek service designed with the participation of community members.  They also developed programs to help local communities re-establish pure llama breeding best practices.  Llamas were considered scared and important work animal during the Inca Empire.  Unfortunately, the traditional knowledge of llama breeding and caretaking have been lost during the colonial period.

Located in the Urubamba Mountain Range of the Sacred Valley in Peru.  They are involved in the Guild of Llama Breeders and work with Llama Pack Project.

Handcraft from Kenya

Hidden in the games are animal Soapstone carvings from the rural village of Tabaka, Kenya.  The artisan from the village are members of the World Fair Trade Organization which assures the artists are paid a fair price for their work.  The organization also supports community development by contributing to projects that improve living conditions, health, and education of the members of the village.