Favorite Traditions for Holiday Family Gatherings (Including Lucky Poke!)

Posted by on 10/21/2019
Growing up in a technological age, with high-speed everything, or raising a family of techie kids whose screen time, (pixel counting), is a major component in life, establishing traditions may seem commonplace, yawn worthy, and antiquated. In actuality, cultivating family traditions is more crucial in the 21st century than ever before, in nurturing family generational bonds, and instilling feelings of worth, commonality, faith, integrity and security in today’s ever evolving and accelerated society. The purpose off establishing traditions is to interact and be present in the moment with family and friends, not just with smartphones, computers and other digital devices.  

Knowing that mankind is truly an immense family, the numerous religious and heart felt family celebrations which take place in November and December, such as Thanksgiving, Mawlid el-Nabi, Advent, Kwanzaa, Boxing Day, Hanukkah and Christmas, are just a short list of the many meaningful observances in our diverse cultures, in which traditions are born, embraced, tweaked and shared as families, extended family, friends and congregations gather to share gratitude for life, hope for the future, and joy in being together, as priceless memories are made.  

Turkey Trotting & Reconnection

Everyone from the “Silent” generation to Baby Boomers, X, Millennials, Centennials, Z , to the newest Alpha’s, in America, and the multi-generations of families in other countries who celebrate similar holidays, or their own culturally significant events, develop uniquely, extra-special traditions that they can totally relate to, as their “very own”.  No matter how silly or poignant these activities might be, such as watching old videos from past Thanksgiving celebrations when some members were going through awkward  growth, maturation, and fashionista fazes, the time the grilled turkey caught fire, but tasted amazing, or an annual gathering of large numbers of family, neighbors and friends to dress in costumes, and join in a huge Turkey Trot race (first started by a family  in 1896), from midtown to the bridge and back, or almost anywhere. Selfies of winners and losers at board games, with rules rewritten to reflect holiday, offer special crafted rewards like 1 less piece of Aunt Zara’s chocolate fudge, or having to eat fruit cake. The only requirement for establishing traditions is genuine enthusiasm.

Collaborative Sharing  & Tradition Building 

When the family’s favorite feast has been devoured, by all, and vividly told stories of current events and happenings, both topical and personal, have been communicated; the perfect time for special rituals, which bring each member face-to-cherished-face, and true collaboration begins.  The rituals of tradition building, participation and reconnection occur.
This list of special rituals offers just a few very positive and genuine moments to treasure, that family of every age finds appealing and relatable.  The personally honed activities will be remembered, and perhaps, passed on to future generations:

Baking and cooking together, (kids included) cultural/generational recipes from the past, as well as, new favorites and celebration inspired, in accompaniment with current holiday cuisine.
Have each family member craft a “Thankful List” to be displayed during the holidays, as a grateful reminder of many blessings.
Sing together the very special songs of the season or make a playlist of favorite music everyone loves.
Create a Giving Tree environment to sponsor a family in need and go together to shop for food, clothes and toys to be donated. 
Hands on decorations made specifically by the family for a cozy and personal holiday that the everyone appreciates.
Mix reindeer, or bird food from oats and candy sprinkles to give natures creatures a special holiday treat.
Pick a special time to play board games that include strategy, challenge, surprise, mystery and fun, like the Lucky Poke Games which are perfect for Advent, or anytime families gather to laugh and poke holes.
Attend religious services to truly embrace a followed faith or pick a time when the whole family reads from spiritual books, or the history of their culture and country.
Share older generational childhood stories with children, relating the customs and practices of past thinking and activity of a simpler time. 
Call and video chat with loved ones, far away, to share the family news and joy of the holiday, face-to-face, digitally.
Plan an outdoor, physical activity such as skating, hiking, skiing, tubing or sledding, that everyone can thoroughly enjoy.
Celebrate the coming of Christmas by using an Advent calendar as a countdown to this very special and magical celebration.  
As the holiday draws near, pick a night each week to watch together, special movies which entertain, delight, and even educate everyone about the coming or a past celebration of this event.

Lucky Poke Games and Holiday Family Traditions

At Lucky Poke Games, everyone believes that “family” is the most treasured blessing which can be experienced in a lifetime. Creating these games in celebration of this blessing, is our way of nurturing family time, as everyone comes together to share the wonder and discovery of unexpected surprises, every day, with our new “Advent Calendar game”, or on family-game-nights and at special celebrations.  We have partnered with fair trade organizations around the globe, from Africa to Peru and more, to promote uniquely crafted toys and items that children will enjoy interacting with, and too support artisans around the world.

Parents know that children learn by “hands-on-play” which is their method of research, as they use their curiosity to understand this spinning universe.  We know that poking holes through the 24 little squares in our games, is for them, uniquely exciting and a little bit magical, when surprises are revealed.  The games are simple to play and can become a family-honed tradition, when the rules are reinvented to be a reward, to honor a celebrant in the family, or for numerous reasons such as birthdays, sporting victories, and achievements both great and small.

Please enjoy every moment set aside for loved ones, at the holidays and every day.  Visit us soon at luckypokegames.com to see our games in action.