About Lucky Poke Games

We created Lucky Poke Games to provide children of all ages with fun, hands-on games that inspire wonder and joy. We love the sense of discovery and excitement that each kid experiences as they poke holes and uncover hidden treasures while playing. It is positively the most amusing Surprise game. You never know what you will find inside!

We’ve filled each Lucky Poke Game full of fun, unique prizes that appeal to both boys and girls, including toys, accessories, games, and other surprises. Each prize your little one discovers will make the fun last long after the game is over!

We’ve also partnered with fair trade organizations around the world to promote authentic native handicrafts, such as African animal figurines made of stone and Peruvian handwoven bracelets made of llama fiber. Each Lucky Poke Game you purchase will help support artisans from remote parts of the world.

How to Play

Lucky Poke Games are simple to learn and play. Whether you play them our way or make up your own rules, they’re loads of fun!

Party Play

Lucky Poke Games are perfect for birthday parties or other celebrations. Have a group of 2-12 children gather around the game in a circle. Each child then takes turns poking open a square anywhere on the board. If they’re lucky, they’ll find a prize inside and show it off to the rest of the group! Keep playing until all of the squares are broken and all of the prizes have been found. Then, let each kid enjoy their prizes and play with them!

Rewards System

Use Lucky Poke Games as an exciting incentive for good behavior. Pull out the game board whenever your child finishes a chore, such as cleaning their room or finishing their homework. Allow your child to poke open a square as a reward for their hard work! (If they’ve done a really exceptional job, give them two turns!)

See the game in action!