5 Reasons Birthday Pinatas Are Dangerous to Children and Property

Posted by on 3/5/2020
On the surface, pinatas seem like the perfect party game for kids. They’re colorful, relatively inexpensive, and are filled with candy. What’s not to like? But there are hidden dangers associated with pinatas.  In fact, there are safer pinata alternatives for your kid’s birthday party. Before we get to that, let’s look more closely at a few reasons why this type of game can present significant dangers to you and your children. 

5 Reasons Pinatas Are Dangerous to Children and Property

Reason #1. Pinatas Can Cause Injuries 

It’s no secret that pinatas require weapons that could present serious dangers to your child. In most cases, a bat is used to hit the pinata as hard as your child can. Not only that, your kids are supposed to be blindfolded. If that isn’t a recipe for injury, we’re not sure what would be.  If the bat slips out of your child’s hand and flies across the room. It could hurt someone else. Obviously, it is a dangerous game to play. 

Reason #2. Pinatas Leave Children Disappointed 

Once a child does successfully hit the pinata, breaking it open, candy and sometimes money falls to the ground. But children have to fight one another to get it. This can leave kids seriously disappointed with the game. Some kids might even breakdown and cry. 

Reason #3. Parents Cause Parental Anxiety 

Few parents escape the anxiety caused by other children hurling a bat through the air around their own child. With so many safer alternatives to pinatas out there, one has to wonder why you’d choose to put up a toy that requires a BAT to play with it. 

Reason #4. Pinatas Damage Your Property 

Another issue with pinatas is that they require you to put them up in trees or attach them to walls. This in and of itself can lead to serious damage to your property. Even if you manage to install it properly, the children playing with it could accidentally hit your walls, ceiling fans, or anything else surrounding the pinata.
Reason #5. Pinatas Cause Children to Get Out of Control 

Parents know that children are easily excited. A pinata that requires a bat to use could easily overly excite children and make them impossible to calm. Not only that, children will be pushed, shoved, and stomped on as they fight to get the goods from the pinata. 

Safer Alternatives

So what’s the solution to the mess left behind by this poorly designed kid's birthday party game? Lucky Poke Games!
Our games prevent your children from being injured by a wildly swinging bat and keep your property safe. Not to mention they are incredibly fun to play, engaging, and come with better prizes than most pinatas do. 

Lucky Poke Games are also more structured, which allows children to share and play with one another instead of competing like they would with a pinata. 
If you want your kiddos to be calm and enjoy their party, consider Lucky Poke Games as a safer alternative.  Check out our selection of Lucky Poke Games and make your kid’s birthday party fun, calm, and entertaining.