2020 Newest Birthday Trends and Themes

Posted by on 1/3/2020
Hello to 2020 with it’s exciting blank slate of limitless possibilities for creating a child’s birthday party that not only entertains the celebrant, in innovative and monumentally new ways, but is also memory-making for attendee’s, and hopefully, offers myriads of fun for everyone. Knowledgeable party-planning parents, who have earned their hands-on fact finding from crafting previous birthdays for siblings, or whose child had attended unique “party in a box” places that offer indoor activities, decorations, a cake, cupcakes, and goody bags with cotton candy and red clown noses, for a fee.  Those generic places can work, but the need to have that special 2020 gathering, or partizzle, for your ever-so-ceek (geek/cool), and beloved child to be ecstatic about, requires thinking outside the norm.  

Trends to Out-Do Previous Trends

Really thinking about the venues which are available, and which will offer an experience that the birthday-person and friends will find fascinating fun, truly is not that difficult.   Across the country, immersive theaters like TheatreSquared in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Pip’s Island in New York, and The Grandel in St. Louis, Missouri, are creating events that children love such as: bringing storybooks to life, interacting with the performers, and each other, to act out an adventure or comedy, or solve a mystery which takes social interaction to a whole new level.  Ice cream shops and restaurants like Cool Mess, in New York City or eCreamery in Nebraska, and numerous others, offer parties which let children mix any of 40 flavors to make a delicious concoction all their own.

For Child Chef’s and Foodies

Perhaps the birthday celebrant is an aspiring chef. Many restaurants like The Petit Chef in Dousman, Wisconsin, and BLVD Kitchen in Sherman Oaks, California, encourage everyone, all ages, to come in, have a party, and learn the joy of cooking healthy foods; and to chop, measure, whisk, and pour to create everything from salads, soups and pasta, to cookies and many other pastry treats.

Like a Boss -

Another trend which is making parents feel like they have crushed the birthday idea/challenge like a true “boss”, is to sign up for The Escape Room party. The themes include a Jewel Heist, Jurassic Park, The Holy Grail, Under Pressure, Budapest Express, and numerous others. It’s an extraordinary experience for those who want to work as a team to piece together puzzles, crack codes and solve mysteries, to unlock the door and escape. A game Master assists the children with the challenges. Working as a team is an ultra-unique experience in this setting when escape is achieved.  The Escape Room how-to can be crafted at home to plan a special personalized family genre. The directions can be downloaded, and tweaked, to make a special version of this activity, which is crafted just for your birthday child, using their favorite interests as the room’s theme, to create challenging puzzles, and to add suspense, surprise and the unexpected, all in keeping with the age and interests of birthday celebrant and the group.  

On Trend 2020 Themes

As 2020 begins, the themes for children’s birthdays gets an annual tweaking to keep these momentous events as engaging, trend-worthy and evolving, as is every child who is now becoming one year older, chronologically.  Unimaginably, unicorns and mermaids have been overtaken in popularity by the cuddly, fluffy, intelligent, and lovable Llama, a close member of the camel family, but without the hump. Llama pinatas, large shaped balloons, cake toppers, and even llama sprinkles are now in high demand. Lucky parent party planners can even get smarties, shaped llama candles, to assign the specific and newest age to the celebrant in the proper themed style.  The Netflix movie series Llama Llama started this frenzy, and it continues to build in all genres from children’s toys, books and party supplies, to fashion and home décor.  Deep thinkers are of the impression that children view the Llama as silly and a little weird, which are qualities they love and find relatable. Therefore, parents must consider this huge new trend as a serious party theme candidate.
The Justice League is now feeling a “push back” from Aquaman, also known as Arthur Curry, the reluctant hero/king of Atlantis the undersea world. His strength super-speed swimming, ability to control the ocean and speak with aquatic life, (fish), is enthralling for children. Tweens and teens love the strong hero and the sea princess he protects. The movie has made a billion dollars globally.  This theme, and other underwater and science themes, are huge for 2020.  Also, a hugely popular theme in this new year is Mary Poppins, the nanny on Cherry Tree Lane. The magic and whimsy of the books and movie, Mary Poppins Returns, with its supercalifragilisticexpialidocious moments, and bathtub swallowing Mary scene, talking toys and bears, touches hearts, stirs imagination, and creates a hero of a very gentle sort.  Parents please add Mary to your “must consider” theme list. 
If you are getting the eye-roll reaction to a bounce house birthday party from your tween and teen’s, who are a little more complicated than younger celebrants, it’s wise to let their ideas guide this event. The latest trends indicate that for 2020: 

scavenger hunts with bonfires (if possible)
Hunger Games
High Tea
Make-up or swim party at a destination (girl approved)
Laser Tag
Rock Climbing Wall
A Mall Party with scavenger hunt
Acrobatic Dance School Party
A takeoff on any popular concert event, such as Coachella, with lots of music and dancing, concert tee shirts or any BOHO clothes
Board Game parties are still an excellent idea when infused with very new, thought provoking brain teasers  like Wits and Wagers, Say Anything, and
Telestrations, (words plus pictures), or the very trendy, poking fun and unboxing surprises from one of Lucky Poke Games, which offer 24 ways to be a winner, offer unique prizes, and so much laughter and fun.

Board games are challenging and hilarious fun, and stimulate so many social and cognitive skills as players indulge in turn taking, problem solving, and the exciting buildup of suspense which inspires cooperation, patience, focus, concentration and more. 

Go Big or?

Every parent strives to plan those special-moment events which express the unconditional love felt for the celebrant.  Birthdays are so very special, and it’s easy to overdue and ratchet up the happenings to an exhaustive level bordering on frenzy.  Yes, love can do that to those with the very best intensions.  The most knowledgeable advice to sprinkle in among the newest trends and chosen theme, is to let the child be part of the flexible plan, theme, décor, chosen favorite treats and to personally pick two or three activities. Children are unpredictable and can get overwhelmed with the pace of the event.  Big, in this scenario, is not a guarantee of success. When a parent and their child put this kind of thought and effort into the planning, the love is felt, the activity is set in motion, and whatever the result might be, there is always next year’s party planning based on knowledge gathered, and the number on the fun-o-meter achieved from 1-10.
At the Lucky Poke Games, we cherish family and the fun shared, memories made, and level of commitment felt by all.  Our wish is that the occasion is filled with joy and wonder. Please visit us soon, to see our ideas of time spent laughing, being surprised, and poking holes with good results.